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SKF Belt Frequency Meter

Model: PHL FM 10/400

Most accurate belt tension
measurement instrument

Correct belt tension is crucial for the whole belt drive, its service life and the service life of associated bearings. Therefore, it is important to get accurate and reliable results when it comes to belt tension measurement.
The SKF Belt Frequency Meter is one of the most accurate tools available for measuring the belt tension on a belt drive. Results are quickly achieved, reliable and – most importantly – repeatable. The tool is also extremely easy-to-use, while minimizing the risk for human errors. Thus, the SKF Belt Frequency Meter is ideal for measuring the belt tension.
  Easy and quick to use:

  • Simply key in the span length and mass data. Data can also be saved and recalled for repeated use, if necessary
  • Aim sensor at centre of selected belt span and pluck or tap the belt
  • The display will show the measured frequency which can be toggled to either newton or pounds values
  • Readjust the belt tension, if necessary and take another measurement
Wide range of applications

The two component system, consisting of a hand-held meter attached to an optical sensor, offers contact-free belt tension measurement for most of the following belt types – even in a noisy environment:

  • V-Belts (wrapped, cogged raw edge, ribbed)
  • Banded V-Belts
  • Timing belts
The SKF Belt Frequency Meter is capable of measuring belt vibration frequencies from 10 to 400 Hz. Based upon the measured belt frequency the SKF Belt Frequency Meter calculates belt tensions up to 9 900 N (2 200 lbs.)
SKF Belt Frequency Meter User manual: